Review of the Karen Commins’ New Narrator’s Roadmap Website

Karen Commins has been a generous voice over professional for decades to both authors and narrators. As an accomplished narrator and rights holder herself she knows what the profession needs and values. Lucky for me I won a three-month subscription to her recently launched Narrator’s Roadmap online platform. I’m delighted to share my experience thus […]

The 4th of 4 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Leave Book Reviews

Today is the final installment of the reasons I think you should take the time to write a book review. One reader of my Reason #1 said she writes one review and copy and pastes it into Amazon, Audible, GoodReads and BookBub regularly.  Super simple. No doubt she’s getting offers for lot of free books! […]

The 3rd of 4 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Leave Book Reviews

My previous blogs listed the positive impacts and benefits to the reader and authors when a reader/listener provides a written book review. Go here for reader benefits and here for author benefits if you haven’t yet read those. Number three on my list of the people who benefit is people like me, audio book narrators! […]

The 2nd of 4 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Leave Book Reviews

Yesterday I listed the benefits to the reader/listener when they take the time to provide a written review on Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, Bookbub and elsewhere.  The benefits include getting free books and showing off your writing skills. Check out this link if you haven’t read it. Today we’ll discuss ways reviews help authors; the one […]

4 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Leave Book Reviews

One of my strongest skills is the ability to analyze alternatives and make recommendations based on that analysis. As a former architect, this characteristic provided great comfort to my clients as they knew I had considered all the options for meeting their needs.  As an audio book narrator, I use the skills in two ways: […]

Book Bonanza 2019 – part 3 Authors’ Definition of Success May Surprise You

This picture is of author Kennedy Ryan and me. The picture in the middle of the blog is author Kandi Steiner and me. This week’s blog is about success.  Success is defined in many ways.  As an audio book narrator, I feel successful when listeners leave four or five-star reviews for the books I work […]

Book Bonanza 2019 part 2- Angstiest Book Recommendations

Thank goodness my voice over skills are better than my photography skills or I’d be needing to find a new career.  I’ve included a photo here of the Angst Nation panel and let me apologize in advance to the panelists who all looked far better than my pixelated long-distance shot from the back of the […]

Book Bonanza 2019-part 1

Narrating eLearning or non-fiction audio books was my initial goal when I began my voice over career.  It turns out, though, that choosing a genre to focus on is a bit like choosing a cat.  As the saying goes, YOU don’t choose a cat.  The CAT chooses you!  Having heard more than once that my […]

The Advantages of Paying the Audiobook Narrator Upfront

When authors on ACX are presented with the options of paying by royalty share (RS), royalty share plus (RS+) or per finished hour (PFH) for their book’s narration, the royalty share options seem pretty attractive. While these choices appear to be of great financial benefit to the author because there’s no outlay of money, there […]