Let’s talk about Blair

With a voice called “magical” for its reassuring, warm quality, Blair Seibert is now available for your projects.

A voiceover actor based in Culver City, California, Blair is a professional of many years, with a focus on environmentalism, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.

Her delightful voice will give your promotions, commercials, PSAs, and scripts of all kinds the warmth to engage people more intimately with your message.

Whether you need educational narrations, IVR/ telephony, corporate training videos, website audio, radio promotions, or other audio, Blair delivers the professional quality voiceover that will make your project sing.

With a voice that extends over an expansive range, she can sound confident, knowledgeable, and smooth – or adopt the needed characterizations, motherly, sultry, or expert. Blair conveys the depth and scope needed for your promotion or narration.

A proven professional who has served as principle of her own firm, she is enthusiastic, competent, and easy to work with. Her sole aim is exceeding your expectations. She takes pride in the quality of her work, and can deliver in as few as 24 hours if needed.

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