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Blair speaks...in ways that engage.

I love to learn

I love to teach

The books I’m attracted to narrating are the ones that teach me something…that prompt my expanded understanding of human nature, mother nature and the world around me.  Turning books like these into audio feels like a gift I’m giving to the world. It allows the information to be shared easily with others in hopes that they too will receive a new awareness that changes how they live.

For many years I worked one on one with clients, spoke publicly and taught at the college level as part of my professional career as a licensed architect.  Years of working on “green” buildings afforded me the knowledge of science, construction, nature, psychology and the arts.  With this experience and knowledge comes a deeper understanding of the non-fiction materials I am narrating.

While non-fiction books are my first love, I find that narrating fiction often provides life lessons and interesting information in more entertaining ways. I also enjoy working on these because they afford me the ability to use my native Southern accent and incorporate my improv training.

I live in Los Angeles, California and have a professional recording studio.  I am enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with. My aim is to exceed your expectations. I am here to support my clients in creating a resource for the world.

Blair has worked with

Blair gives you quality

“Blair’s voice is magical.  It’s soothing and reassuring, and certainly augments the tone of my book.”
Dr. H.Sadeghi
Blair Seibert is an amazing talent! I knew right off her demo that she would amplify my project. She is very professional, both in nature and sound. She adjusts very well with direction and comments. Your best bet is to use Blair on your next project!
Jesus Rodriquez
“With a wealth of smile and warmth, Blair Seibert has that quintessential ‘Mom’ voice. She takes direction well and delivers a quality finished product.”
“Blair is certainly one of the most professional, talented and kindest people to work with! Our rolodex has just been expanded with a great new VO talent.”
Roman Wyden
Need a book audio book narrator? Get the best. I received two dozen narrator auditions and settled on Blair Seibert. She did a wonderful job reading my most recent book, “The ABCs of Staying Young.” She did it promptly, professionally and pleasantly. As a matter of fact, it was a joy working with her and following her good suggestions. She is as delightful in character as her voice is. Truly a winner.
Roswitha McIntosh


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