Book Bonanza 2019-part 1

Narrating eLearning or non-fiction audio books was my initial goal when I began my voice over career.  It turns out, though, that choosing a genre to focus on is a bit like choosing a cat.  As the saying goes, YOU don’t choose a cat.  The CAT chooses you!  Having heard more than once that my soothing yet animated voice is ideal for romance narration, I let the genre pick me.  Narrating romantic fiction felt right the first time I jumped in, and I’ve been diving in more deeply to learn about this literary area ever since.   In fact, weekend before last, I hopped a flight to Dallas, Texas to attend Book Bonanza 2019 where 120 authors and some 2,000+ fans shared their passions for reading and writing about passionate stories.

I was enthralled by many people I met and enjoyed it so much, I’m already marking my calendar to attend the conference again in 2020.

In my next few posts, I’ll share a few of the things I learned during the conference.


Not all romance novels are alike.  There’s several subcategories within romantic fiction.  Follow the link to learn more about each style:

  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Suspense
  • Erotic
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Paranormal, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy
  • Young Adult (YA)

Before attending Book Bonanza, I wasn’t aware of how many subcategories exist in the romance genre.  I also found it interesting that many fans of romantic fiction actually become drawn to reading ONLY ONE category.  I guess it’s like having a favorite music band that you’ll buy any album or song from.  Besides those listed above, I’ve heard of other popular categories such as Rom-Com, NA (new adult) and Angst which was the subject of a panel I attended during the conference.

More tomorrow on the The “Angst Nation” panel where fascinating authors Jewel E Ann, Kennedy Ryan, Claire Contreras, Mia Asher, Caroline Kepnes, Kandi Steiner, KA Linde and Brittainy Cherry answered questions about how they go about creating their novels.  I’ve included links here to each of their websites (although their names aren’t looking like hot links with underlines, ugh) because if you’re like the fans I met this weekend, you’ll want to go check out some of their angst filled books.