The 3rd of 4 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Leave Book Reviews

My previous blogs listed the positive impacts and benefits to the reader and authors when a reader/listener provides a written book review. Go here for reader benefits and here for author benefits if you haven’t yet read those.

Number three on my list of the people who benefit is people like me, audio book narrators!

3. A book review helps audio book narrators.

Potential narrators auditioning for audio books.  Before auditioning, they begin by looking at the reviews of the book itself.  What is the tone of the book? Is it well written? Is it interesting? Is the author improving their skills, increasing their fan base, etc.?  The reviews convey those facts. Narrators want to be associated with good books especially if they’re working for a royalty share payment.

The narrator of the actual audio book your reviewing. Like the author, the narrator wants to know if they conveyed the story properly.  Is there room for improvement or did their narration draw you into the story?  When narrators find the right niche for their voice, they are more successful in auditions and readers are happier.  So, don’t forget them in your comments.

While it’s always nice to have a review say nice things about the narrator’s abilities, a positive review of the audio book with no mention of the narrator is also wonderful. As mentioned in my blog about success, when a narrator helps you immerse yourself in the story, they have done their job.

Tomorrow will be the final installment of the 4 ways I think written book reviews benefit the book community. I hope you’ll join me…and leave a review of course!