The 4th of 4 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Leave Book Reviews

Today is the final installment of the reasons I think you should take the time to write a book review. One reader of my Reason #1 said she writes one review and copy and pastes it into Amazon, Audible, GoodReads and BookBub regularly.  Super simple. No doubt she’s getting offers for lot of free books!

We’ve learned how the reader benefits here, the author benefits here and audio book narrators benefit here. Today’s post is about helping the entire book community, which includes you!  And that’s what we have isn’t it? A community.  A review is like talking to your neighbor encouraging them to buy one book over another or warning them about a book you did not find valuable.

4. A review helps other readers. How many times have you bought a book from a “new to you” author without looking at reviews? I look for reviews every time. If there are no reviews, I am hesitant to purchase unless someone I know has recommended it. If an author is selling books, but no one has posted reviews, potential readers and fans may have the wrong impression that no one is buying or reading their story.

As a reader and listener, you have great power and it could be used for good. Have you used your power much?

Hey, if you’d like to practice using that power how about starting with a review of this blog? Did anything I share here inspire you to start providing feedback online?