How Findaway Voices Benefits Authors

Findaway Voices is where many Indie authors are finding the broadest reach for audio book sales. As an approved narrator in their roster I’ve been watching closely as they’ve enhanced and expanded the ways they support both authors and narrators.  While they are newer than Audible’s ACX platform, the ability to sell books in 40+ audio book retail locations, libraries (nationally and internationally) and universities through their online model is valuable, especially for non-fiction writers.

And their distribution channels continue to grow with nine added just this month!

Even better is that working with Findaway Voices means the book is non-exclusive allowing you to sell books directly from the Authors Direct platform.  From there you can adjust your book’s price, offer discounts, etc.

Findaway has done a great job of spreading the word about their attractive service. Through an author friend who uses them exclusively I contacted Will Dages, the head of Findaway Voices and requested a written interview. Following is Part 1 of my interview with Will.  It should be helpful information for AUTHORS new to their platform.  Part 2 will be helpful tips for NARRATORS wanting to bring authors to the Findaway Voices platform.

BS-1: How do I work with Findaway Voices for my next audio book project?

WD: Anyone can sign up at to get started. If you already have a finished audiobook, you can upload the audio, art, and metadata right away. If you need to create an audiobook, our casting team can help match you up with a narrator. You get to see price estimates, hear samples, and request auditions before you commit to anything.

BS-2: My book is already recorded. How can Findaway help me get it distributed?

WD: Yes, absolutely! No matter where your audiobook was produced, you can use Findaway Voices to get it out to listeners all over the world (as long as the files meet our technical requirements). (Note from Blair: You will have to have a non-exclusive arrangement with ACX and have paid the narrator PFH to do this.)

BS-3: I understand Findaway takes full control of audio book production. Will I be able to hear some of the sample auditions and choose the voice that I like from them?

WD: We help guide the process and keep it on the rails, but it isn’t completely hands-off for authors. Authors still review our casting team’s recommended narrators (if you don’t like any, we’ll be happy to refresh the list), request auditions from narrators at no charge, upload production notes and pronunciation guides, and approve the final recording.

BS-4: Does Findaway help me sell my book?

WD: Findaway Voices isn’t a publisher, but our incentives are aligned with yours. You keep 80% of the royalties you earn, so we want your audiobooks to sell sell sell! We give you the tools you need to create limited-time price promotions, provide Giveaway Codes to easily send your book to reviewers, get your audiobook into libraries and promotion sites like BookBub’s new Chirp platform, and more.

BS-5: How does Findaway help me get my books into libraries?

WD: Libraries are bigger for self-published authors than most people realize. Over 25% of the royalties we’ve paid out this year have come from libraries. We work with twelve library partners right now, and a few more are on the way! In some scenarios, a librarian curates their digital catalogs the same way they curate what goes on the shelf. But with platforms like hoopla, Bibliotheca, and others, the entire catalog is opened up to patrons and the library pays a small royalty every time your book is checked out. That’s a big opportunity for self-published authors!

BS-6: How many authors are you working with now? 

WD: We don’t disclose specific metrics on our userbase, but rest assured that when you decide to take your audiobooks wide, you won’t be alone .

BS-7: How many narrators are in your roster(s)?

WD: We work with over 3,000 narrators all over the world.


To find out more about Findaway Voices I highly encourage you to listen to Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast #417 with Will Dages of Findaway.

In addition see a fun video by Julie Broad of Book Launchers about the difference between ACX and Findaway Voices:

Have you worked with Findaway Voices as an author? How did it compare to other audio book platforms or publishing houses?  What did you love about it?  Share below. I’d love to hear about it.

Will Dages Bio:

Will is Head of Findaway Voices and he’s loved audiobooks since before it was cool. He’s been immersed in the audiobook industry for more than 7 years, working on everything from technology to marketing to product development.