How Findaway Voices Benefits Narrators

My previous blog answered questions authors may have about working with Findaway Voices.  See it here:  Today my focus is on the value of the platform to narrators.

With their broad reach, the growth of Findaway Voices (Findaway) has exploded. Recently added to their narrator payment options of Per Finished Hour (PFH) is Voices Share (VShare).  VShare is a hybrid payment model similar to ACX’s Royalty Share Plus program or the old “stipend” option. This pays the narrator half their PFH fee to cover their upfront costs of recording, editing, mastering and proofing while giving them a lower percentage of royalties later for a longer period of time than ACX.

Following are answers to questions I asked of Will Dages with Findaway Voices from a narrator’s POV. You can contact Findaway Voices here with additional questions.

Blair Seibert-1: I understand Findaway has a roster of narrators. Is there a required amount of voice over or audio book experience a narrator needs to have before joining your roster?

Will Dages: Anyone can sign up to be a narrator with Findaway Voices. Your samples matter more than past experience, and our casting team listens to the samples for everyone who signs up. Make sure your samples are representative of your best work. If your samples don’t meet our technical specifications, it’s unlikely our casting team will present you for a full-length production. After signing up, you’ll need to set your Per Finished Hour rate, upload a headshot and audio samples, and fill out a short bio, in addition to filling out a form that lets us know what kind of projects you’re interested in and what languages/accents you can confidently perform. All this information helps our casting team determine when to present you in a casting list for an author.

BS-2: What kind of production and payment structures does Findaway offer narrators?

WD: For standard productions, you’ll be paid your full PFH rate. If you need to outsource mastering or proofing, please ensure that’s baked into your rate (you are responsible for delivering fully mastered, ready-to-listen audiobook files). If you contract a Voices Share production, you’ll be paid 50% of your normal rate once the production is approved, and then you’ll earn 20% of the audiobook’s earned royalties for the next 10 years.

BS-3: Who do I contact if I want to introduce an author to Findaway and they want to use me as their narrator?

WD: We don’t see much of this, but when an author signs up and starts a project, they can request a specific narrator. Note that we charge 30% on top of your already-negotiated rate to use our team and tools, manage payments and taxes, etc.

BS-4: Since Findaway has two rosters, one for narrators willing to work on PFH one for those open to VShare, does one roster offer more opportunities for narrators than the other? 

WD: Every narrator who signs up can be presented for PFH productions. There’s an opt-in for narrators who want to be considered for Voices Share opportunities. You’ll see the most opportunities for projects if you’ve opted into Voices Share in addition to all the normal PFH productions.

BS-5: How long should a narrator expect to wait to hear about auditions once in your roster(s)?

WD: Narrators can start being presented on casting lists in as little as a few days of signing up. When our casting team selects you for a casting list, the author will be able to see your rate, bio, headshot, and listen to your samples. You’ll usually be presented alongside 5-10 other narrators. At that point it’s up to the author who they want to audition. If you’re selected, you’ll receive an automated email letting you know about the opportunity and all the details.


Indie authors and some traditional authors are beginning to keep their audiobook rights and are looking outside of Amazon, Audible and ACX to distribute their books.  Because of this along with Findaway Voices’ great marketing efforts, the demand for their service has exploded in the past year.  As should be expected for any fast growing company there are a few growing pains. I think with some patience, being involved with this platform will offer great opportunities to you and your clients.  For more information about being on their roster  check their site out.

Have you worked with Findaway Voices as a narrator? Have you introduced an author to the platform? I tried doing that and was confused by the effort. I’d love to know about your experience.  Please share.

Will Dages Bio:

Will is Head of Findaway Voices and he’s loved audiobooks since before it was cool. He’s been immersed in the audiobook industry for more than 7 years, working on everything from technology to marketing to product development.